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Auto-Filling a Drop List with a Drop List
form, list
This article presents techniques and Scripts for automatically setting the list entries in a drop down (combobox) field from a selection in another drop down field. Includes sample files. . . . keep reading

Auto-Populating Form Fields from a Drop-Down List(ComboBox)
AcroForm, Field, Event,Data, List
Scripts and techniques for setting the values of form fields automatically from a selection on a drop-down list. . . . keep reading

Specialty List Items
Scripts for populating List Fields with common items like lists of state names, country names, month names, and day of week names. . . . keep reading

Advanced List Handling
Thom Parker
These scripts add advanced features to List Fields, including sorting list items, simulating a double click event, simulating "Commit Selected Immediately" for a Multi-Select Field, and getting and using all of the selected items on a Multi-Select Field while the user is making selections. . . . keep reading

List Handling Scripts
Thom Parker
Several scripts and variations for handling basic List Field operations. Includes selecting, moving, deleting, and getting List Field items. . . . keep reading

Getting/Finding List Field Entries
Thom Parker
These scripts demonstrate various methods for getting at the properties of the items in a List Field. Finding the item name, index, and export value for one or more items based on the current selection or having at least one of these values already. . . . keep reading

List Item/Population Scripts
Thom Parker
Eight Scripts that demonstrate different techniques for manipulating items in a List Field. Includes list population, inserting list items, and replacing list items. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 1 thru 7 of 7 Found  

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