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download  *Legal Exhibit Stamp for BC, Canada*  *Legal Exhibit Stamp for BC, Canada*

  Auto-Incrementing Stamp for marking evidence documents in British Columbia, Canada.

download  *Find Hidden Acrobat Menu Items*  *Find Hidden Acrobat Menu Items*

  This tool exposes all the hidden and difficult to access menu items in Acrobat.

download  *Bookmark Alphabetizer - Toolbutton*  *Bookmark Alphabetizer - Toolbutton*

  Alphabetizes all levels of bookmarks in the current PDF

download  *Bookmark Alphabetizer - AXI Action*  *Bookmark Alphabetizer - AXI Action*

  Alphabetizes all levels of bookmarks in the selected files

download  *Bookmark to Footer Acro-DC Action*  *Bookmark to Footer Acro-DC Action*

  This is an updated version of the "Footer from Bookmark" automation tool (which uses bookmarks to create page headers or footers), except this version includes an "Action" (also called a Batch Sequence) which applies this functionality to multiple files. Actions were introduced in Acrobat X, but changed in Acrobat 11, so this tool is updated for use in Acrobat 11, DC, and later.

download  *JavaScript to Text Converter*  *JavaScript to Text Converter*

  Converts JavaScript code into a text string so it can be used in a script.

download  *Copy Billing To Delivery Sample*  *Copy Billing To Delivery Sample*

  Demonstrates a technique for controlling whether Delivery address is copied from Billing, or entered manually

download  *LiveCycle Date/Time Difference*  *LiveCycle Date/Time Difference*

  Demonstrates time and date difference calculations in an XFA (LiveCycle)form, using JavaScript.

download  *Bookmark to Table of Contents*  *Bookmark to Table of Contents*

  Convert a set of PDF Bookmarks into a Table of Contents (TOC) with Active Links

download  *Re-Order Page Groups By Bookmark*  *Re-Order Page Groups By Bookmark*

  Rearrange bookmarks and this tool automatically moves the pages to match the bookmark ordering.

download  *File Name Stamper (Acro X Action)*  *File Name Stamper (Acro X Action)*

  This Acrobat X Action is based on the the File Name Stamper Automation tool. It was specifically designed for Acrobat X.

download  *Acrobat XI - File Name Stamper*  *Acrobat XI - File Name Stamper*

  This is an upgrade to the File Name Stamper Action, to improve functionality, and so that it will work better in Acrobat XI.

download  *Show/Hide OCG in Panel*  *Show/Hide OCG in Panel*

  This convenience tool toggles the visibility of All OCG layers in the Layers Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window.

download  *Selective Flattener*  *Selective Flattener*

  Tool for selectively flattening form fields, comment, and markup annotations

download  *Page Template Sample/Tutorial*  *Page Template Sample/Tutorial*

  Page Templates are the AcroForm equivalent of dynamic forms. They are a way to create whole new PDF pages at run time, and now they work in Adobe Reader XI!

Your selection returned: 126 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 126 Found.    NEXT