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download  *Advanced Dynamic Stamps*  *Advanced Dynamic Stamps*

  Several stamps that demonstrate Advanced Dynamic Stamp scripting techniques

download  *Date and Time Calculations*  *Date and Time Calculations*

  Several examples of using dates and times in calculations. Include finding new dates and the difference between two dates.

download  *Code Re-Use Examples*  *Code Re-Use Examples*

  3 example PDFs, each showing a different strategy for code re-use on an order form.

download  *Basic Validation Script Examples*  *Basic Validation Script Examples*

  Standard and alternate examples of using text field validation scripts. Each example demonstrates a single technique

download  *Calculation Example: Order Form*  *Calculation Example: Order Form*

  This very short multiline order form demonstrates a number of different techniques for using the Calculation Event Script on a text field

download  *Popup Calendar for PDF Forms*  *Popup Calendar for PDF Forms*

  Fields, Scripts, Usage Examples, and Instructions for Installing a Popup Calendar on Acrobat PDF Forms

download  *JavaScript Event Ordering*  *JavaScript Event Ordering*

  This interactive demonstration file dynamically displays field events as the user moves and clicks the cursor, and types data into fields

download  *Field Properties Sample File*  *Field Properties Sample File*

  Several basic examples of setting and getting the field value and other field properties with Acrobat JavaScript

download  *LiveCycle, Hide/Show SubForms*  *LiveCycle, Hide/Show SubForms*

  This mock insurance form demonstrates scripts for Hiding and Showing SubForms

download  *Database Connected Forms*  *Database Connected Forms*

  A collection of LiveCycle PDF forms, a database, and a variable data automation script. Demonstrates various real-world methods and implementations for database connected forms.

download  *Scripting Repeatable Subforms*  *Scripting Repeatable Subforms*

  This LiveCycle Designer form demonstrates scripts for adding, hiding, showing, and deleting subforms in a dynamic form layout.

download  *Doc Level Script Example 1*  *Doc Level Script Example 1*

  This simple order form mock-up demonstrates using document level scripts for a variety of document wide functions.

download  *Simple Form Calculations*  *Simple Form Calculations*

  Demonstrates basic calculation usage in a PDF. Nice page design by Ted Padova

download  *Widget Event Examples*  *Widget Event Examples*

  Basic examples for using the MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseExit, OnFocus, and OnBlur events in PDF form fields

download  *Popup Alert Box Samples*  *Popup Alert Box Samples*

  Code for displaying and using several different styles of popup Alert Boxes.

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