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download  *Legal Exhibit Stamp for BC, Canada*  *Legal Exhibit Stamp for BC, Canada*

  Auto-Incrementing Stamp for marking evidence documents in British Columbia, Canada.

download  *Auto-Increment Exhibit Stamp*  *Auto-Increment Exhibit Stamp*

  This stamp set includes two auto-incrementing Legal Exhibit Stamps. One Plaintiff Stamp and One Defendant. The stamp also displays the case number and comes with a tool for setting the stamp parameters.

download  *Set Annotations to ReadOnly*  *Set Annotations to ReadOnly*

  Set the value of the ReadOnly property for any Markup or Comment Annotation.

download  *Simple QR Code Stamps*  *Simple QR Code Stamps*

  3 variations in how data can be acquired for a Dynamic QR Stamp.

download  *QR Code Stamp*  *QR Code Stamp*

  A dynamic stamp for adding a custom QR code to a PDF page. Displays an input box for entering an URL or other custom data. Includes a short-cut tool button for easy access to stamp.

download  *Exhibit Stamp (Increment)*  *Exhibit Stamp (Increment)*

  Increments a number/letter value each time stamp is placed.

download  *Basic Dynamic Stamp Samples*  *Basic Dynamic Stamp Samples*

  This file contains a set of stamps that demonstrate the basic concepts behind creating dynamic stamps.

download  *Advanced Dynamic Stamps*  *Advanced Dynamic Stamps*

  Several stamps that demonstrate Advanced Dynamic Stamp scripting techniques

download  *Document Balloon/Auto Stamp Tool*  *Document Balloon/Auto Stamp Tool*

  (New Version) This stamp/automation script implements a technical drawing ballooning process (for AS9102 Compliance) as a practical real-world example of one way that PDF stamps can be automated in Acrobat.

download  *Stamp File Cover Sheet*  *Stamp File Cover Sheet*

  This is the standard cover sheet I use when creating stamps for customers. It includes instructions for installing the stamp as well as information about the stamps in the file.

Your selection returned: 10 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 10 of 10 Found.