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download  *Page Template Sample/Tutorial*  *Page Template Sample/Tutorial*

  Page Templates are the AcroForm equivalent of dynamic forms. They are a way to create whole new PDF pages at run time, and now they work in Adobe Reader XI!

download  *Symbol and Unicode Character Demo*  *Symbol and Unicode Character Demo*

  This demonstration form provides an array of special symbol characters and a Unicode calculator.

download  *Dynamic QR Field on PDF*  *Dynamic QR Field on PDF*

  Some simple techniques for using the standard barcode field to display a QR code.

download  *Using the Global Object Sample*  *Using the Global Object Sample*

  A set of scripts that demonstrate using the Global Object, which is used to share and persist data.

download  *Date and Time Calculations*  *Date and Time Calculations*

  Several examples of using dates and times in calculations. Include finding new dates and the difference between two dates.

download  *JavaScript Color Calculator*  *JavaScript Color Calculator*

  See how colors in Acrobat JavaScript are represented and displayed

download  *Exhibit Stamp (Increment)*  *Exhibit Stamp (Increment)*

  Increments a number/letter value each time stamp is placed.

download  *Number to Text Converter*  *Number to Text Converter*

  This mock up Bank Check example demonstrates a script for converting a number into a text description.

download  *Creating Toolbar Buttons*  *Creating Toolbar Buttons*

  Sample scripts that cover every aspect of creating Acrobat toolbar buttons with JavaScript

download  *Disable (Gray out) Fields*  *Disable (Gray out) Fields*

  This AcroForm sample demonstrates two scripting techniques for giving form fields a disabled appearance.

download  *Radio Button Event Scripts*  *Radio Button Event Scripts*

  Sample file for the Radio Button Event Scripts Article.

download  *Code Re-Use Examples*  *Code Re-Use Examples*

  3 example PDFs, each showing a different strategy for code re-use on an order form.

download  *Database Access, Query Builder*  *Database Access, Query Builder*

  PDF Application for Building and Running SQL Querys

download  *Finding Scripts on a PDF Form*  *Finding Scripts on a PDF Form*

  Simple form example annotated to explain how to find the scripts associated with various forms functionality

download  *Field Properties Sample File*  *Field Properties Sample File*

  Several basic examples of setting and getting the field value and other field properties with Acrobat JavaScript

Your selection returned: 28 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 28 Found.    NEXT