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download  *LiveCycle Date/Time Difference*  *LiveCycle Date/Time Difference*

  Demonstrates time and date difference calculations in an XFA (LiveCycle)form, using JavaScript.

download  *Simple Date/Time Samples*  *Simple Date/Time Samples*

  Several simple examples of formatting and using the date object.

download  *Weekly Time Sheet*  *Weekly Time Sheet*

  Demo form showing date and time calculations for a days of week time sheet. Includes both Regular hours and Overtime hours

download  *Generic Rental Form*  *Generic Rental Form*

  Date script example

download  *Time/Date Entry with Drop-Downs*  *Time/Date Entry with Drop-Downs*

  Sample file showing how to set up and use drop-down lists(combo-boxes) on a form for date/time entry.

download  *Popup Calendar for PDF Forms*  *Popup Calendar for PDF Forms*

  Fields, Scripts, Usage Examples, and Instructions for Installing a Popup Calendar on Acrobat PDF Forms

download  *Date and Time Calculations*  *Date and Time Calculations*

  Several examples of using dates and times in calculations. Include finding new dates and the difference between two dates.

download  *Process Analysis Form*  *Process Analysis Form*

  Uses a table of generic process data to demonstrate several different styles of implementing table based calculation scripts.

download  *Quiz/Test PDF Example*  *Quiz/Test PDF Example*

  This AcroForm demonstrates implementing both multiple-choice and write-in questions along with all the supporting features necessary to make it a usable real world quiz or test.

download  *Working Days Calculator*  *Working Days Calculator*

  Simple PDF Application for calculating the number of working days (M-F) between two dates.

download  *Clock and Timer Samples*  *Clock and Timer Samples*

  An International Clock, Stop Watch, and Countdown Timer, all Implemented with JavaScript

Your selection returned: 11 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 11 of 11 Found.