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download  *Quick Field Summary, AcroForm*  *Quick Field Summary, AcroForm*

  This tool displays a quick summary of all the fields on a AcroForm in the form of a drop down menu, provides a quick edit feature for modifying the properties displayed in the summary and can also create a detailed report.

download  *Using the Global Object Sample*  *Using the Global Object Sample*

  A set of scripts that demonstrate using the Global Object, which is used to share and persist data.

download  *QR Code Stamp*  *QR Code Stamp*

  A dynamic stamp for adding a custom QR code to a PDF page. Displays an input box for entering an URL or other custom data. Includes a short-cut tool button for easy access to stamp.

download  *Import Named Icon*  *Import Named Icon*

  This Automation Tool imports an image file, in almost any format, into a PDF as a Named Icon

download  *Use Bookmarks to Re-Order Pages*  *Use Bookmarks to Re-Order Pages*

  This automation tool orders PDF pages to match the order of the bookmarks.

download  *New Page Tool*  *New Page Tool*

  This Automation Tool inserts a single blank page into the current PDF. The new page has the same dimensions as the currently displayed page and is inserted immediately after the current page.

download  *Tile PDF Pages*  *Tile PDF Pages*

  Creates a new PDF document by tiling the pages of the current document. User controls tiling configuration from a popup dialog.

download  *Insert/Edit PDF Metadata*  *Insert/Edit PDF Metadata*

  Shortcut tool for quickly entering and modifying PDF Document Level Metadata. Uses a toolbar button to activate a custom metadata dialog

download  *Repeatedly Insert a Page*  *Repeatedly Insert a Page*

  Repeatedly inserts one page from another PDF file into every other page of the current PDF

download  *Add Bookmark Menu Button to PDF*  *Add Bookmark Menu Button to PDF*

  This automation tool creates a popup menu from the existing document bookmarks and places the code for this menu into a button.

download  *Trim Bookmark Names*  *Trim Bookmark Names*

  This automation script removes white space from the beginning and end of all bookmark names. The white space can be problematic when bookmarks are used in a script.

download  *Search and Highlight Words*  *Search and Highlight Words*

  This tool searches the PDF for all occurrences of a word, phrase, or regular expression, then places a Highlight Annotation over each find.

download  *XFA DB Variable Data Print*  *XFA DB Variable Data Print*

  Automation tool for performing a Variable Data Print Process using an existing Database connection on a LiveCycle form.

download  *OCG (Layers) Tool*  *OCG (Layers) Tool*

  This Acrobat Plug-in is for creating, configuring, and attaching page content to Optional Content Groups, also called Layers. OCGs can be used to control the visibility of visual content (text and graphics) on a PDF page.

download  *Find Required Form Fields*  *Find Required Form Fields*

  This automation tool finds and lists the required fields on any form, AcroForm or LiveCycle. An essential tool for all forms developers

Your selection returned: 50 items   -   Displaying Matches 16 thru 30 of 50 Found.  BACK  NEXT