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Free Acrobat Automation Tools

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Do you perform the same redundant tasks every day, need to perform the same operations on hundreds of PDFs, tired of having to show your co-workers where the same Menu items are time and time again? There's a solution. These problems and more can be solved with Acrobat Automation. Acrobat provides methods for operating on multiple documents, creating custom toolbar buttons, compressing multi-step operations, and controlling Acrobat from external applications. Methods vary in difficulty and ease of use.

The automation tools provided here are all examples showing how powerful using Acrobat JavaScript can be in decreasing task completion time, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. Other automation tools are available in the Members Only Area of this site. Feel free to browse the Download Library and read about the tools available. If you don't see something you wish were there Contact us and let us know. We will be adding content on a regular basis and new content in always in development. We'll happily add your request to the future content wish list.

Each download is a zip file containing the automation script in a Folder Level JavaScript file and installation instructions (or you can find General Automation Tool Installation Instructions here). After the script is installed and Acrobat is restarted, the Folder Level script will place a toolbar button on Acrobat's "Add-Ons" toolbar. This toolbar button activates the automation script.

Close All Docs Menu Item This simple JavaScript Automation tool adds a menu item to the Acrobat File menu for closing all open documents. It operates in both Acrobat and Reader, and on any version of Acrobat after version 7.0. It demonstrates using menu items and trusted functions in an automation script.

Find Required Fields Have a large form and need to figure out which fields are already marked as Required? This tool finds and lists all required fields in a popup menu. Selecting a menu item places the keyboard focus on that field. Works on both AcroForm and LiveCyle PDF forms. A Great tool for any form developer.

Menu/Toolbar Item Report This tool lists the Language Independent Menu Item and Toolbar Button names in a menu format and generates a PDF report on request.

New Document Tool This Toolbar Button creates a new, blank, one page PDF of a specified size

Resize Pages Tool This Toolbar Button resizes any of the PDF page boxes for a specified page range by anchoring one edge or corner of the page. Good for fixing up scanned PDFs

Flatten Page Content Tool This toolbar button flattens interactive elements, such as form fields, into the page content

Reader JavaScript Console Window This toolbar button displays the Acrobat JavaScript Console/Debugger Window in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Standard 7, 8, 9, and X.

About Box Popup This toolbar button displays the WindJack Solutions About Box. Modify it to create your own About Box.

Import Named File AttachmentThis Acrobat Automation Script uses a standard response popup to acquire a name from the user and then displays a File Open dialog for selecting File to import into the current PDF.