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Free Sample PDF Files with scripts

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These free sample PDF files contain scripts for common, complex, and interesting scripting tasks in Acrobat. Many more are available in the Members Only Download Library. Feel free to browse through the Download Library and read the descriptions for all sample PDFs included. More are added on a regular basis so if you don't see something in particular, check back or Contact us and we'll add it to our future content wish list.

NOTE: In order to view the scripts used in these files, you must SAVE the files to your system, then open them in Acrobat. Also, some functionality in these files will not operate in a browser- it is usually best to save the files, then open them in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

JavaScript Popup Calendar
Yes!! You are reading it right. This is a popup calendar widget for a PDF form. The download includes fields, scripts, usage examples, and instructions for Installing a Popup Calendar on an Acrobat PDF Form.

Modifying the LiveCycle Submit Button
This sample shows two strategies for using entered form data to modify email form submission parameters such as the subject line, email recipients, and the data format.

Dynamically Modify Email Submit Address
This LiveCycle Form sample includes 3 examples of different ways to modify the email submit address, as well as the type of submitted data. Email addresses are acquired from text fields on the form, from drop lists, and from multi-select lists.

Acquire Menu Item Names
This PDF includes a button that displays the entire Acrobat menu structure using the Language-Independant names for the menu items instead of the labels. These are the names that are used to include menu items into a script.

Bouncing Button Game
A simple game of catch the moving button. Demonstrates the use PDF page geometry and timers.

JavaScript Clocks
An Internantional Clock, Stop Watch, and Countdown Timer, all implemented with JavaScript.

2D Matrix Calculator
This PDF Application shows how to use 3x3 matrices to transform objects in 2D space. Which is how text and graphics are placed on a PDF page.

3D Robot Arm Demo
A fully functional 3D Robot Arm. Rendered in the 3DAnnot. The arm moves though space to catch gold coins and deposit them in a bucket.

Basic Form Calculations
Demonstrates basic calculation event script usage in a PDF. Nice page design by Ted Padova.

Swat the Fly
Simple fly killing video game. A fly buzzes around the PDF Page and you have to squish him with the cursor. Each hit leaves a dead fly in it's wake.

Importing and Exporting File Attachments
Sample code demonstrates importing and exporting PDF file attachments from a non-privileged context. File must be displayed in Acrobat Professional or Standard.

Custom Search Page for Doc Library
This Zip file contains a mock library of PDF files, such as a collection of professional articles on CD. To help the user search the documents for specific topics all of the PDFs have been indexed and there is a custom search PDF. This custom search PDF presents the user with a simplified search UI that is specific to the document set. It uses the Acrobat JavaScript Search Object to implement the functionality.

AcroForm Toggle Button - Basic Implementation
A Toggle Button is a button that maintains state. When the user presses the button it stays down until they press it again, and then it pops back up. In each state it performs a different action when pressed. This PDF file demonstrates the basic JavaScript necesary to turn a regular PDF button into a toggle button.

AcroForm Toggle Button - Advanced Example
Toggle buttons are not part of the data on a form. Instead they are typically used to modify form appearance and/or behavior. This PDF demonstrates using toggle buttons on real forms to perform advance form modifications. Two buttons are shown. One button blocks and restarts calculations and the other button enables highlighting special cells within a table calculation.

LiveCycle Toggle Button - Basic Implementation
The technique for implementing a toggle button is exactly the same on an XFA form as it is on an AcroForm. The only differences are the names of the button properties and thier values. This PDF shows the specifics for implementing a toggle button on a LiveCycle form.

Conditional Calculation Example
Yet another variation on the simple order form. This one demonstrates several different strategies for performing calculations, including several different types of conditional calculations such as providing a discount and displaying messages to the user based on the order amount.