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Our free content includes resources from each of the main departments of the site. We hope you find this content useful. It gives you an overview for the types of content available in the Members Only area, how it is arranged, and how you can use it to learn and understand the capabilties of JavaScript in Acrobat and PDF forms and documents.

Using Trusted Functions
Why Trust? As the internet has become more popular, it has also become more dangerous. In order to protect Acrobat users from malicious documents Adobe has added new . . . keep reading
Trust and Privilege in Acrobat Scripts
automation, folder
There are several scripting functions and properties that pose security risks in Acrobat and Reader. These are however, some of the most useful operations for creating automation scripts. This article covers the security concepts in Acrobat relevant to scripting, and ways to perform these risky operations. . . . keep reading
All About Stamps in Acrobat® and Paperless Workflows
Everything you will ever need or want to know about PDF stamps in Acrobat and Adobe Reader . . . keep reading
Creating Your First PDF Form
Thom Parker
Three videos to introduce the beginner into Acrobat's AcroForms creation process. A general explanation plus 2 examples- one in Acrobat 8 and one in Acrobat 9. No previous experience with Acrobat is necessary. . . . keep reading
Free Video Content & Full Listing of Available Videos
What You Need to Know to Create Custom Solutions in Acrobat and PDF Acrobat is the premier tool for creating and using sophisticated electronic document solutions. Usually this . . . keep reading
Instructions for Installing Folder Level Scripts (Automation Tools) and Plug-ins
There are a number a different ways to automate document processes within Acrobat, including "Actions" (Batch Sequences) and external Visual Basic applications, but the most common automation tools a . . . keep reading
Basic Document Level (Document Open) Scripts
Open, Event, Global
Nine common uses for a Document Level script. Includes warning the user about a viewer condition, such as an incorrect viewer version or type, automatically closing the document, expiring a PDF, and performing various document setup tasks. . . . keep reading
Free Sample PDF Files with scripts
These free sample PDF files contain scripts for common, complex, and interesting scripting tasks in Acrobat. Many more are available in the Members Only Download Library. Feel free to browse throu . . . keep reading
Free Acrobat Automation Tools
Do you perform the same redundant tasks every day, need to perform the same operations on hundreds of PDFs, tired of having to show your co-workers where the same Menu items are time and time again? . . . keep reading