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All About Stamps in Acrobat® and Paperless Workflows

"Thom's work is the most definitive source for creating custom stamps that can be found. The tips and tricks are worth the price alone."
Richard E. Morrey,
Senior Technology Advisor,
Accela, Inc.
"The custom PDF stamps created for us have increased our efficiency, helped standardize our notations, and aided in producing professional looking reports."
Pete Rabner,
P.E., Project Manager,
Nelson Jones
"We use custom PDF stamps in our paperless tax return preparation. They are so convenient and definitely make our work more efficient."
Brenna Olwine,
Sample & Bailey CPAs

Price: $24.95

This book covers the full range of knowledge about PDF stamps in Acrobat and Adobe Reader

A PDF stamp is similar to a rubber ink stamp that you would use on a paper document, but it is much, much more. Because the PDF stamp operates on electronic documents, i.e. PDFs, it provides greater flexibility and usage options than an ink stamp. The PDF stamp is the only "Markup" annotation in PDF that you can customize to display your own graphic, and this is quite easy to do. But more than this, the PDF stamp in Acrobat is a dynamic element that can be an active participant in a workflow process. This can mean adding simple data to the stamp such as the current date and the user's name, or highly advanced activities such as acquiring data from external sources and modifying the document being stamped. The Acrobat JavaScript model also provides hooks for automating stamps within a workflow process and even setting up communication between an automation script and scripts inside the stamp.

PDF stamps are an essential tool for almost any document workflow. Anyone can create their own custom stamps for their own custom workflows. This book provides insight and instructions for all skill levels. It begins with a high level overview, explaining how stamps fit into the PDF and Acrobat environment, and how they are used to solve real world document processing issues. It then delves into the details, starting out with entry level material for novice users and progressing into more complex material. The book finishes up with advanced scripting for dynamic stamps and automation. PDF stamps are incredibly useful and approachable to all users. This book provides you with the information and tools you need to make the most out of PDF stamps, regardless of your experience and skills.

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About the Author

Thom Parker is a well-known expert in Acrobat JavaScript and PDF workflow automation. He is the CEO of WindJack Solutions, Inc and publishes the pdfscripting.com web site. Thom has been developing custom PDF stamping solutions for clients in accounting, legal, architecture, engineering, real estate and government industries for over five years, and is recognized as the "Go To" developer for custom dynamic PDF stamps and stamping applications. Thom's writing is featured at the Acrobat User Community (www.acrobatusers.com) and PlanetPDF (www.planetpdf.com) web sites, and he is a frequent speaker at Acrobat & PDF conferences and Adobe MAX.

Printer-Friendly Format
·  Using the Mouse to Automate Stamps
·  Automating Stamps
·  Advanced Dynamic Stamps
·  PDF Stamp Annotations
·  Dynamic Stamp Basics
·  Anatomy of a Stamp File
·  Creating a Simple Custom Stamp
·  Introduction to Using PDF Stamps