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COS Level Editor for PDF

COS Level Editor for PDF
Single User License: $195.00

PDF CanOpener is a plug-in for Acrobat that displays and edits the internal COS(Object) structure of PDF files. It provides instant access to information about drawn objects (fonts, color spaces, page location, etc) as well as a COS level tree view for analysis and manipulation of the internal object structure.

PDF CanOpener is developed by WindJack Solutions, Inc. Details, samples and articles are at the PDF CanOpener Product Page

Delivery User Name & License Key
Platform Windows XP, Vista & 7(32 & 64 bit)
Version 4
Language English
Compatibility Acrobat Pro & Standard 8, 9+
NOTE: Does not work in Free Adobe Reader

PDF CanOpener Analysis Features:

  • COS Object tree structure displayed in an easy to navigate explorer format.
  • Spanner Tool identifies graphics objects on a PDF page.
  • Color coded object highlighting.
  • Custom cursor displays object types.
  • Popup info windows on hover (colors, fonts, location, transparency, blending modes, render intent, image compression and other object specific info).
  • Discover and identify overlapping objects with arrow keys or Ctrl+Click.
  • Navigate directly to the location of related drawing resources(fonts, color spaces, graphics states, etc.)in the COS tree with one click or through the Right Click menu.
  • Save XObjects to a bitmap file, and DTCDecoded images to JPEG.
  • COS Object Search Dialog provides text or indirect ID searches of the COS tree. Several options for controlling scope of search.
  • Stream Viewer allows the contents of any stream to be viewed in one of four formats: text(Unicode or ASCII), hexadecimal, XML or a rendered image (viewable objects only, page contents, XObjects, type 3 font char procs, patterns and thumbnails). Entry point for stream editing

  • PDF CanOpener Editing Features:
  • Add, delete, create, modify, rename and copy/paste COS Objects anywhere within a PDF document or between PDF documents.
  • Print any display element (COS tree, Popup info windows, Stream Editor).
  • Simple font embedding/unembedding.
  • Edit stream data with the built-in stream editor or external editors of your choice (plain text, XML or hexadecimal).
  • Import or export stream data from/to and external file.
  • Change stream encodings or any encoding/decoding parameter.
  • Preview changes made to stream data prior to writing the new data back to the file.
  • Easily create prototypes of COS Object structures.