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New Video Tutorials: Custom JavaScript Dialogs

This is a topic that a wide range of Acrobat scripting developers have been asking about for a long time. Custom dialogs are prominently featured in our content on Dynamic Stamps (see the "Stamps Gone Wild" video below). Custom dialogs are also a major feature in many of our downloadable Automation Tools. The fact is, they are Soooo useful that every developer wants to use a Custom Dialog in their own Acrobat Script. But building a custom dialog is not a simple or straightforward task. This set of 3 videos will introduce you to the concepts behind Acrobat Custom Dialogs and give you the tools to start building and using your own.(more...)

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     PDF Stamps Gone Wild (Video)!! - What is a PDF Stamp and how far can you take it? The answers are here, from the simple static stamps built into Acrobat to advanced interactive stamps and stamp automation. Stamps are simply the best way to markup and move documents through a process.

PDF Stamps, The Book!!
There is more to PDF Stamps than you might think when it comes to creating effective stamps, and using stamps with in a document workflow. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this book will give you the skills you need to create, manage, automate, and protect everything from simple static to advanced dynamic PDF stamps.

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